Images and sliders


[flex_slider] [flex_slider_item imgsrc="..."] ...[/flex_slider_item] [flex_slider_item imgsrc="..."] ...[/flex_slider_item] [/flex_slider]

flex_slider parameters
  • effect - slider effect - slide; fade;
  • slideshow - auto slideshow - true; false;
  • pause - pause time, how long each slide will show in miliseconds (1 sec = 1000 milisec)
  • animspeed - animation speed, slide transition speed in miliseconds (1 sec = 1000 milisec)
  • start - start item, which item should be active on slider start : 0 - first item
  • opacity - opacity effect - yes; no; help;
  • controlnav - show control navigation - true; false;
flex_slider_item parameters
  • imgsrc - source, image
  • link - link from image



[parallax imgsrc="..."] ...[/parallax]

  • xposition - horizontal position of the element
  • speed - speed to move relative to vertical scroll. example: 0.1 is one tenth the speed of scrolling, 2 is twice the speed of scrolling
  • outerheight - whether or not jquery should use its outerheight option to determine when a section is in the viewport - true; false;
  • size - parallax image size mode - normal; huge;
  • imgsrc - source, image

Logo slider

 [[logo_slider] [logo_slider_item link="#" imgsrc="..."] ... [logo_slider_item link="#" imgsrc="..."] [/logo_slider]] 

logo_slider_item parameters
  • imgsrc - image source


 [[img width="293" height="220" overlay="yes" overlayicon="icon-search" src="..." align="left"]] 

  • src - image, image source
  • alt - alternate text
  • width - image width
  • height - image height
  • align - image align - default; left; center; right;
  • class - image class
  • overlay - content overlay, show content overlay? - yes; no;
  • overlaytitle - if overlay active, display title
  • overlaysubtitle - if overlay active, display subtitle
  • fullsrc - overlay full image, overlay full image for colorbox (use only when overlay is on)

Lightbox gallery

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